Animoto is a free slideshow application that is pretty slick. The first few times I played with it I was low on WiFi, so make sure you have internets before checking it out.

I want to say I’ve only used Animoto from my phone and not I need to investigate the site and see how much different the online experience is.

So here’s the lowdown on the iPhone app. The free service gets you slideshows with up to 16 images, and you can add music from their library. I haven’t figured out if you can use your own music yet, but I’m not concerned about that. After making the slideshow you can share as expected.

I don’t have any major quams with the app, but I do have a few wishes.

– raise image limit to 20
– user based URLs. EX :
– more social oriented sharing options

My first slideshow

Here are a few screenshots.