My phone is also a tuner

April 23, 2009

HotPaw productions makes a free strobe tuner called inTuna A440. This is a must have for any musician. You can only play the notes A or C, but that should be enough in a pinch.

I wouldn’t replace my real tuner with this, but it’s handy enough to remain on my phone. Oh yeah, it’s free too.

Last week I bought my first app for my phone. Up until now I’ve been on a strict free only diet, and haven’t felt like I’m missing out on anything.

I paid $1.99 for BEBOT, and have gotten at least $19.95 of enjoyment in return. My dad built me an electric noise box when I was a kid, and this is the first noise maker that trumps it.

BEBOT is a Jetsons-esque singing robot. In this app he’s playing a 60s style lounge. My new robot sings in four voices : Bebot, PWM, Theremin, and Pulse. Each of which have different inflections and whatnot.

When you fire up BEBOT, your phone’s screen in the playing surface. Left Right to walk the scale, and Up Down to tweak the soundwave. Get this, you can have up to four fingers playing at once.

I’m learning to play it for some upcoming Indaba studio work. BEBOT start a new electronic genre.

I love this app. Here are some action shots. You can’t save settings, so these shots are a setup I was digging.