My heart has been tethered to my phone

July 1, 2009

Tonight I tethered my Macbook Pro to my iPhone 3G. ZOMG!!!! In theory, I now have internet anywhere I travel.

This is seriously huge to me since I’m an internet junkie, as well as an internet professional. Yet again, one more reason why the iPhone is the best.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to get your tether on.

Requirements :
– iPhone 3G or 3G S
– Computer, preferably a MAC running OSX
– iPhone to USB cable
– Knowledge of using
– 5 minutes

Steps :
1.Launch safari on iPhone
2.Search for “how to tether iphone 3g”
3.Choose a site you feel comfy with. I chose the tutorial on
4.Follow instructions.
5.Be happy you have an iPhone

Now I realize steps 3&4 don’t help too much, but this isn’t a feature that’s officially out yet, so you’re slightly on your owm here. I will tell you my experience with the site was both a success and as easy as the big type suggests.

What I did was download and install the USA AT&T profile. I didn’t even have to bounce my phone. My computer did need a reboot though.

My first tether attempt was from my VISTA Bootcamp partition. VISTA detected and installed the iPhone immediately, but when I tried connecting I was asked for a network key. I couldn’t figure this one out so I booted into OSX and everything just worked.

My tether experience was literally this easy. I hope you have the same luck.

* NOTE : I’m sure there are ways to tether older iphone via jailbreak, I just haven’t ventured down that path tey.

3 Responses to “My heart has been tethered to my phone”

  1. jamie said

    even cooler via bluetooth. ie: phone in pocket book on internets whoo. (just pair ’em, click connect to network in menu bar)

  2. Sweet! I haven’t tried Bluetooth yet since my phone typically needs the power by the time I’m getting my tether on. This way I get to power up both devices.

    Have you compared performance of Bluetooth vs. USB?

  3. Boner said

    Have your tethering been working without any hic-ups or surprise charges? Thanks for the info…

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