MoreLomo is a free photo app for iPhone that applies a lomographic effect to your photos. You can LOMO up new pictures from the camera, or existing photos from your library.

Overall I’d say this app is worth a download. Usage is super simple, but the app is a bit crashy. Like any photo taken from your phone, the results are hit or miss, but this isn’t a fault of MoreLomo.

Below are some shots of the app, and a few sample LOMO-d pics.

I’ve been a huge fan of mobile phone photography since my earlier Nokia fanboy days. Now that I’m on the iPhone, there are countless options for photo apps. In the next few posts I’m going to show each of the apps pictured below. Each app is free, and worthy of a download even if you only snap one photo.

Pictured apps :
– MoreLomo
– Wink
– Aisu B&W
– Aisu Sepia
– Mill Colour
– Lego PHOTO
– PicPosterous
– Vint Green
– Format126