Squareup with iPhone 3G

March 25, 2011

Here’s a quick tip for iPhone users looking to accept credit cards using Square ( http://squareup.com/ ). Use an iPhone 3G.

My wife ran a silent auction recently, and the Square credit card reader wouldn’t work with her iPhone4. I did a quick Google and found out the reader doesn’t really work with iPhone4 right now.

So I broke out my old iPhone 3G, got on wifi, plugged in the reader and BOOM! I’m accepting credit cards!


2 Responses to “Squareup with iPhone 3G”

  1. nina said

    Hey, I am looking into getting one of these readers and buying an iphone through verizon service. The 3G phone doesn’t use the home wireless it has it’s own service right? i want to take cc at remote locations where there may not be a network I can use.

  2. Hey Nina, I’m not sure how the Verizon system works, but all iPhones on ATT can use regular household wifi for networking. You do need your standard data plan to use the 3G network though. If you are going to be without wifi, you’ll need to get a data plan, mifi, or some alternate source of internet.

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