Sweet Chinese photo app

May 20, 2011

I stumbled across a really sweet free camera app, but it’s 100% in Chinese so I have no clue what anything says. What I do know is this app is pretty awesome and has tons of photo effects, filters, borders and more.

This will be my first all screenshot app review. App usage is mostly straight forward as it has what you’d expect from a camera app :
– Snap new photo or select from your Camera Roll
– TiltShift
– color controls
– background frames
– loads of photo filters and effects
– share social or save locally

If you’re adventurous and into photo apps, give this one a try. I think the AppStore’s Genius feature is how I found this one, or maybe Appbzr. Either way, this is an amazing free camera app.20110519-073736.jpg20110519-073751.jpg20110519-073801.jpg20110519-073808.jpg20110519-073823.jpg20110519-073835.jpg20110519-073847.jpg20110519-073900.jpg20110519-073917.jpg20110519-073926.jpg20110519-073943.jpg






UPDATE: My apologies to the Chinese and Japanese.  This application is Chinese and I couldn’t tell you what the name is.  I always scan the app store for photo, then look at non pay apps.  This is how I found this gem.

6 Responses to “Sweet Chinese photo app”

  1. What is the name of this app? Could you tell me please?

  2. oh…I see its japanese..

  3. Amanda said

    Thats Chinese. 美图秀秀 = mei tu xiu xiu .___.

  4. Chinese egg on my face :(. Thanks for correcting me, as you can tell I’m dumb.

  5. Melissa said

    haha how cute. But yeah is actually in Chinese, and it’s a very popular one among us 🙂

  6. Stefan said

    Hi! Please where can I find the link to this app?? I stumbled upon it myself some time back but I updated my software and it went along with the old software. Please send the link so I can download it again. Thanks.

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