Squareup with iPhone 3G

March 25, 2011

Here’s a quick tip for iPhone users looking to accept credit cards using Square ( http://squareup.com/ ). Use an iPhone 3G.

My wife ran a silent auction recently, and the Square credit card reader wouldn’t work with her iPhone4. I did a quick Google and found out the reader doesn’t really work with iPhone4 right now.

So I broke out my old iPhone 3G, got on wifi, plugged in the reader and BOOM! I’m accepting credit cards!


This holiday break I am going to redo my office. The first renovation is expanding my office’s single electrical socket.

Here is a before and after shot. Notice in the angle of the outlet. That is how the outlet is attached to the wall. There is no sheet rock, 2×4, or even a workbox to use to straighten up the outlet.

No worries! My single power supply is now 6 surge protected outlets instead of the measly 2 with a baby blocker. I’ll worry about fixing this when we refinish the basement.

Enjoy the ghetto MacGuyver-ness of my install job.

iPhone = iCrash

November 12, 2008

I’ve had an iPhone for under two weeks and I’m about to name it crash bandicoot. Every app I use crashes more and more each day.

At first I wrote it off as a safari problem, but every app crashed now. Fortunately it’s random, and not constant. Tonight I’ve had the following apps crash : pandora, safari, app store, and twinkle.

I’m hoping to finish this post before seeing the all too familiar black screen of crash.