On Wednesday June 24th, 2009 my band The Compilers played our first gig. We opened for Kevin Hoyt at Adobe’s ‘Next Generation Flex & ColdFusion tour’ in Denver CO. The venue was The Magnolia Ballroom in downtown and it was a great time.

The Compilers band is a pure geek rock mashup of music, power, and big brain tech know how. I play bass in the band, and I also play the iPhone on a few songs. I never thought I’d play my phone in a band, but I do and it’s one more reason why the iPhone is the best device ever.

The first tune I played the iPhone on is our version of the ZeroWing inspired ‘All Your Base are Belong to us’. For this song I use the AllYourBase iPhone app to play sound clips from the video, while Scotty and Jun rock out on drums and guitar.

The second song the iPhone appears on is called ‘TweetJam’. This is a real mashup song. Jun the guitarist wrote an Adobe AIR app that reads the band’s Twitter feed ( @thecompilers ), sends the messages to a Java text to speech engine, thanks to Merapi, where the tweets get read by a robot voice. There are a few solo parts to this song, and I have an iPhone solo where I play my favorite app BEBOT. The latest version of BEBOT supports saved presets which makes it perfect for playing different songs on the fly.

So that’s that. My phone is officially an instrument as well as all the other cool things it is. Here are some screenshots and photos from the gig. At some point I’ll be writing my own iPhone apps, now I have a reason besides work.

Last week I bought my first app for my phone. Up until now I’ve been on a strict free only diet, and haven’t felt like I’m missing out on anything.

I paid $1.99 for BEBOT, and have gotten at least $19.95 of enjoyment in return. My dad built me an electric noise box when I was a kid, and this is the first noise maker that trumps it.

BEBOT is a Jetsons-esque singing robot. In this app he’s playing a 60s style lounge. My new robot sings in four voices : Bebot, PWM, Theremin, and Pulse. Each of which have different inflections and whatnot.

When you fire up BEBOT, your phone’s screen in the playing surface. Left Right to walk the scale, and Up Down to tweak the soundwave. Get this, you can have up to four fingers playing at once.

I’m learning to play it for some upcoming Indaba studio work. BEBOT start a new electronic genre.

I love this app. Here are some action shots. You can’t save settings, so these shots are a setup I was digging.