AmbiSci 300

November 8, 2012

Have you ever wanted a noise machine for relaxing or helping with sleep? Do you have small children that need help going to sleep? Got an iPhone?

I found a noise machine app that is free and excellent. It’s called Ambi Science 300 and it’s definitely worth a download.

Quick review
– more sounds than you’d expect
– extra mode frequencies ( Deep Sleep, caffinate, nap, etc… )
– alarm capabilities
– free
– if there are ads I haven’t been awake to see them
– puts me to sleep
– puts my kids to sleep ( 2 & 5 yrs old )

Go get some ……… sleep.






Another browser war is starting on the iPhone. I wouldn’t mind some IE10 on the iPhone. Of course that would cause some sort of cyberspace time portal tear.


Ever see those single pictures made up of several different pictures? That is what PicStitch does. I don’t know if photo montage is the correct term, but stitching is something I do to piece together panoramic shots. This app “stitches” multiple pictures together in several different predefined layouts.

In addition to piecing multiple photos into one, you have an array of effects available. Color filters, image manipulation, lots of export options including Twitter & Instagram, not to mention Aviary is integrated in. This free version is plenty good for me at the moment. The paid pro version must be awesome.

Here are some screenshots and a few sample pictures I made. I recommend getting this app.













I stumbled across a really sweet free camera app, but it’s 100% in Chinese so I have no clue what anything says. What I do know is this app is pretty awesome and has tons of photo effects, filters, borders and more.

This will be my first all screenshot app review. App usage is mostly straight forward as it has what you’d expect from a camera app :
– Snap new photo or select from your Camera Roll
– TiltShift
– color controls
– background frames
– loads of photo filters and effects
– share social or save locally

If you’re adventurous and into photo apps, give this one a try. I think the AppStore’s Genius feature is how I found this one, or maybe Appbzr. Either way, this is an amazing free camera app.20110519-073736.jpg20110519-073751.jpg20110519-073801.jpg20110519-073808.jpg20110519-073823.jpg20110519-073835.jpg20110519-073847.jpg20110519-073900.jpg20110519-073917.jpg20110519-073926.jpg20110519-073943.jpg






UPDATE: My apologies to the Chinese and Japanese.  This application is Chinese and I couldn’t tell you what the name is.  I always scan the app store for photo, then look at non pay apps.  This is how I found this gem.

Just came across a handy photo app called MoloPixFree. In a nutshell this app snaps multpile pictures and then puts them together in a grid. The free version has two main options :

– grid size ( 2 or 6 pictures )

– shutter speed ( slow, medium, and fast ).

Usage is extremely simple. Pick grid size, snap photo. The camera automatically snaps 2 or 6 photos after you hit the take picture button. Shutter speed determines how much delay between pictures.

There is also a sharing feature, but you have to register with to use it. I haven’t tried to share, but it looks like their own sharing service vs the standard social sharing options.

I don’t forsee myself using this a lot, but it is useful and not polluted with banner ads. Here are some screenshots of MoloPixFree.

My new favorite free photo app for iPhone is Instagram. A new social photo sharing service with some sweet filters.

What you get with Instagram
– free photo app
– 10 or so image filters
– social connections and photo feed
– geotagging photos

It’s totally straight forward. Sign up, install the app, start shooting and sharing your photos. Here are some screenshots from various screens in the app.

Friend me up after you install the app, I’m ericfickes.

MoreLomo is a free photo app for iPhone that applies a lomographic effect to your photos. You can LOMO up new pictures from the camera, or existing photos from your library.

Overall I’d say this app is worth a download. Usage is super simple, but the app is a bit crashy. Like any photo taken from your phone, the results are hit or miss, but this isn’t a fault of MoreLomo.

Below are some shots of the app, and a few sample LOMO-d pics.

My phone is also a tuner

April 23, 2009

HotPaw productions makes a free strobe tuner called inTuna A440. This is a must have for any musician. You can only play the notes A or C, but that should be enough in a pinch.

I wouldn’t replace my real tuner with this, but it’s handy enough to remain on my phone. Oh yeah, it’s free too.

Animoto is a free slideshow application that is pretty slick. The first few times I played with it I was low on WiFi, so make sure you have internets before checking it out.

I want to say I’ve only used Animoto from my phone and not I need to investigate the site and see how much different the online experience is.

So here’s the lowdown on the iPhone app. The free service gets you slideshows with up to 16 images, and you can add music from their library. I haven’t figured out if you can use your own music yet, but I’m not concerned about that. After making the slideshow you can share as expected.

I don’t have any major quams with the app, but I do have a few wishes.

– raise image limit to 20
– user based URLs. EX :
– more social oriented sharing options

My first slideshow

Here are a few screenshots.