Three drawing apps you should download for you iPhone/iPod.

* full reviews coming later.


Another browser war is starting on the iPhone. I wouldn’t mind some IE10 on the iPhone. Of course that would cause some sort of cyberspace time portal tear.


This weekend Fletcher and I visited the new North Glenn skatepark built by TEAM PAIN. I rode my board, and Fletch finally got to play with my iPhone. Here is the photo set Fletch took of me skating the bowl.

Not too bad for a 4yr olds first time using the iPhone camera. Especially since we couldn’t see the screen most of the time due to the sun.














Ever see those single pictures made up of several different pictures? That is what PicStitch does. I don’t know if photo montage is the correct term, but stitching is something I do to piece together panoramic shots. This app “stitches” multiple pictures together in several different predefined layouts.

In addition to piecing multiple photos into one, you have an array of effects available. Color filters, image manipulation, lots of export options including Twitter & Instagram, not to mention Aviary is integrated in. This free version is plenty good for me at the moment. The paid pro version must be awesome.

Here are some screenshots and a few sample pictures I made. I recommend getting this app.













DotCamera is a snappy free camera app for pixelating your photos. Really simple :

1. Select photo from Camera Roll or your camera

2. Select square or line

3. Slide to control color depth

4. Push OK.

Play around with DotCamera, it’s fast and free.








Just came across a handy photo app called MoloPixFree. In a nutshell this app snaps multpile pictures and then puts them together in a grid. The free version has two main options :

– grid size ( 2 or 6 pictures )

– shutter speed ( slow, medium, and fast ).

Usage is extremely simple. Pick grid size, snap photo. The camera automatically snaps 2 or 6 photos after you hit the take picture button. Shutter speed determines how much delay between pictures.

There is also a sharing feature, but you have to register with to use it. I haven’t tried to share, but it looks like their own sharing service vs the standard social sharing options.

I don’t forsee myself using this a lot, but it is useful and not polluted with banner ads. Here are some screenshots of MoloPixFree.

LEGO Photo is another free iPhone photography app. Probably the most fun of the free apps, LEGO Photo let’s you apply a Lego block filter to photos from the camera, or existing photos from you camera library.

There isn’t much else to explain. Choose a photo, wait for LEGO Photo to process, then tap the screen to apply random filters. Once you find one you like, save the photo.

Here are some shots of LEGO Photo.

Mill Colour is definitely one of my favorite free photo apps for the iPhone. You would use this app to run your photos through various ‘Looks’, or color filters. Or you can manually adjust various levels in your photos by hand.

I was impressed with the amount id color controls and options in MillColour. Most free apps give one or two cool tricks, but MC gives you a bit more. Below are some screenshots. I think print is my favorite look right now.

I’ve been a huge fan of mobile phone photography since my earlier Nokia fanboy days. Now that I’m on the iPhone, there are countless options for photo apps. In the next few posts I’m going to show each of the apps pictured below. Each app is free, and worthy of a download even if you only snap one photo.

Pictured apps :
– MoreLomo
– Wink
– Aisu B&W
– Aisu Sepia
– Mill Colour
– Lego PHOTO
– PicPosterous
– Vint Green
– Format126

Tonight I tethered my Macbook Pro to my iPhone 3G. ZOMG!!!! In theory, I now have internet anywhere I travel.

This is seriously huge to me since I’m an internet junkie, as well as an internet professional. Yet again, one more reason why the iPhone is the best.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to get your tether on.

Requirements :
– iPhone 3G or 3G S
– Computer, preferably a MAC running OSX
– iPhone to USB cable
– Knowledge of using
– 5 minutes

Steps :
1.Launch safari on iPhone
2.Search for “how to tether iphone 3g”
3.Choose a site you feel comfy with. I chose the tutorial on
4.Follow instructions.
5.Be happy you have an iPhone

Now I realize steps 3&4 don’t help too much, but this isn’t a feature that’s officially out yet, so you’re slightly on your owm here. I will tell you my experience with the site was both a success and as easy as the big type suggests.

What I did was download and install the USA AT&T profile. I didn’t even have to bounce my phone. My computer did need a reboot though.

My first tether attempt was from my VISTA Bootcamp partition. VISTA detected and installed the iPhone immediately, but when I tried connecting I was asked for a network key. I couldn’t figure this one out so I booted into OSX and everything just worked.

My tether experience was literally this easy. I hope you have the same luck.

* NOTE : I’m sure there are ways to tether older iphone via jailbreak, I just haven’t ventured down that path tey.