I stumbled across a really sweet free camera app, but it’s 100% in Chinese so I have no clue what anything says. What I do know is this app is pretty awesome and has tons of photo effects, filters, borders and more.

This will be my first all screenshot app review. App usage is mostly straight forward as it has what you’d expect from a camera app :
– Snap new photo or select from your Camera Roll
– TiltShift
– color controls
– background frames
– loads of photo filters and effects
– share social or save locally

If you’re adventurous and into photo apps, give this one a try. I think the AppStore’s Genius feature is how I found this one, or maybe Appbzr. Either way, this is an amazing free camera app.20110519-073736.jpg20110519-073751.jpg20110519-073801.jpg20110519-073808.jpg20110519-073823.jpg20110519-073835.jpg20110519-073847.jpg20110519-073900.jpg20110519-073917.jpg20110519-073926.jpg20110519-073943.jpg






UPDATE: My apologies to the Chinese and Japanese.  This application is Chinese and I couldn’t tell you what the name is.  I always scan the app store for photo, then look at non pay apps.  This is how I found this gem.

Squareup with iPhone 3G

March 25, 2011

Here’s a quick tip for iPhone users looking to accept credit cards using Square ( http://squareup.com/ ). Use an iPhone 3G.

My wife ran a silent auction recently, and the Square credit card reader wouldn’t work with her iPhone4. I did a quick Google and found out the reader doesn’t really work with iPhone4 right now.

So I broke out my old iPhone 3G, got on wifi, plugged in the reader and BOOM! I’m accepting credit cards!


It’s official, this blog is now published from an iPhone 4. I had hoped it would have changed the game, but it seems like the game is just faster and shinier. That’s cool, the new iPhone is a huge upgrade from the 3G.

Something new on iPhone4 is an eye tazer. Marketing might tell you it’s a flash, but my pupils and my pets will tell you otherwise. Let’s just say it’s wicked gnar gnar bright.

So I’ve been bummed about the new flash until tonight. It’s too bright to use on people or pets, but iPhone4 can take great night photos. I snapped a few garden shots while out with the doggies. These were all taken around midnight, so all I could do was aim.

I wouldn’t enter any of these into a contest, but I am shocked how good these came out.